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June 17 2019

A/C Season with Spectra Premium

During the hot season, the A/C system and all its components will be heavily solicited in the most adverse conditions for cooling systems: the hot, humid and still air of densely-packed traffic. Spectra Premium condensers are designed, built and tested to withstand this intense usage.


Making Parallels

From a variety of condenser types a few years ago, now over 95% of condensers on the market today are the highly-efficient parallel flow type which replaces previous piccolo, serpentine and tube & fin designs. Spectra Premium has spread the parallel flow design to older tube & fin models, improving upon the original part. 

Quick tip: In case of compressor failure, always replace a parallel flow condenser. These condensers cannot be flushed and are vulnerable to clogging, particularly microtube condensers which represent the great majority of parallel flow types on the market.


Meant to Be Together

Proper fit always matters for every part, but for the condenser, fit goes beyond having the same OE dimensions and easy installation.

Being in front of the radiator, the alignment and distance between the condenser and the radiator are very important, because a poorer replacement condenser may disturb the airflow going to the radiator. Lacking the necessary airflow will cause the radiator to underperform which threatens the engine’s integrity.

All Spectra Premium condensers are fit-tested with the right radiator in the corresponding vehicle to make sure both parts function as they should.

Quick tip: Light trucks and sport utility vehicles usually have a larger gap between the radiator and the condenser which tends to fill up with leaves and debris after 100,000 kilometers. Drivers living on a farm and using their vehicle off-road will often fill the condenser and the radiator with dirt.

Make sure to look and clear the space between these two heat exchangers to prevent a blocked airflow. If the airflow is impeded by debris, separate the condenser and radiator, then clean them with a power wash.