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December 15 2017

How to Improve Windshield Visibility

Before taking the road or even during your trip, do you pay attention to the road’s changing visibility conditions?

For your safety and that of others, here is some useful advice:

  • Check your windshield washer fluid levels on a regular basis and keep an extra full container in your vehicle.
  • Have new wipers installed every spring and fall to improve safety, as in summer, heat from the sun causes the rubber blades to age prematurely. Remember, wiper blades wear even if not used for a long period of time. Always make sure they’re the best fit for your windshield’s curvature.
  • Bad weather can leave its marks on your windshield and thus impede visibility. If you must, come to a stop, make sure you pull over in a safe place. If need be, switch on your hazard lights and remove any precipitation buildup.
  • In winter, clear the windshield of all snow or ice from freezing rain before taking the road.


Needless to say that in winter, before taking the wheel, your vehicle must be cleared of all snow: from your car roof to around the tires, from the headlights to the trunk. And let’s not forget the license plate!