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May 29 2017

The Story Behind the Logo

Have you ever wondered about the origins of different car company logos? Why is there a horse on Ferrari’s logo and stars on Subaru’s? Of course, these designs are not random and the mystery surrounding these graphics can be uncovered. Every logo has a story. Here are just a few!



This logo’s legendary prancing horse originates from the First World War. This symbol was originally on the fuselage of an Italian fighter plane that crashed during battle. The mother of the fallen pilot asked Enzo Ferrari to put the symbol on his cars to honour her son. How moving!



Subaru is the Japanese name for a cluster of stars located in the Taurus constellation. The company was first formed by six companies, which merged to create Subaru. The six stars on the logo represent those six companies.



The three points of the star on the Mercedes-Benz logo represent the three modes of transport: by sea, land and air. Gottlieb Daimler, who promised his wife that the symbol would one day shine over his factories, first designed the star, which was also meant to represent prosperity. Factories… cars… close enough, right?



This logo represents three elements: Mars, the roman god of war; the ancient chemical symbol for iron; and masculinity. These three symbols are connected since iron was used to make war weapons used by men and gods. Therefore, we can say that the logo represents strength, sturdiness and power. Now, that’s enough to make a strong impression!



Represented by three rings, the Toyota logo refers to the union between the soul of the consumer and the heart of Toyota products. It’s a big contrast compared to the Volvo logo!

You have now uncovered the mystery surrounding these famous car company logos.